Word count: 234

I’ve already written a few Scrivener feature emulations for Vim, and it struck me this morning that it would be fairly easy to copy the Snapshot command. It’s a fairly basic and uncomplicated method of creating versions: you click on the Snapshot icon, and a timestamped copy of your...


Unstable Fable, Chapter 3

Word count: 2,155

Above the treetops, a small, shining sprite buzzed brightly, searching for a paradigm shift. He had never before heard of such a thing, and wanted to see it for himself. He wasn’t entirely sure what he was looking for, but trusted in dumb luck. He thought it over very...



Word count: 496

I made a few adjustments to my already-existing private wiki system, built on the Vim text editor. The result--*Scrivimener!* A poor man's Vim emulation of some of Scrivener's most basic features for the powerful text editor.


Inspirational and free

Word count: 402

How Superman and Elliot S! Maggin saved a young boy’s life. This is the last day you can download Drawing Out the Dragons for free, so do it right away!


Elf sketch

Word count: 21

Sloppy drawing of Baughb and Filis. I was thinking about making some new promotional art before opting for some mushrooms, instead.


Already with the link art

Word count: 177

  With all the fiction I’m going to be posting, it seems somewhat dishonest to use my comic art to promote the blog. So I’ve opted for an image from MorgueFile and the simple declaration: fantasy comedy fiction. I wanted something that says “forest” but also says “fun”, so...


Unstable Fable: Chapter 2

Word count: 2,654

“I got this hammer called Piledriver almost as big as me...try it out an’ see if you like it. Smash a few of these dirty birds, the old man in there won’t notice a couple or two gone missin’.”


Oh, what the heck!

Word count: 378

The reason I didn't want to start up a WordPress blog just yet was because I wanted to move to a different server, first, and I wanted to avoid the hassle of moving everything. But...


Unstable Fable: Chapter 1

Word count: 2,687

The narrow butt of a barbarian hulk shoved down on a none-too-large chair, which crooked and creaked in surprise. Top-heavy with biceps and tatters of furs, the monstrous man squinted at his prospective clients through one good eye. “Dis better be vurt my vhile,” he rumbled.