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Last night, just before going to bed, I posted on Facebook that I had been sick, and was going to bed still sick, but I was visualizing waking up the next morning well, and before 7AM so I have time to do Big Things. It worked! I think I’m better, anyway. But I forgot to […]

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What am I doing?

I ask in the title not so much to suggest that an answer follows, but to actually pose the question myself, to myself: what am I doing? I’ve gone off the rails, again. Now more than ever, I have to just press on and convince myself that nothing is wrong and act and perform and […]

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New brushes


Beyond redoing my basic cartooning brushes/pens for use in Krita, I’ve been working up some stuff for sound effects and painting. I did three different styles of “FOOM” before settling on the blocky type, there. I could just as easily grab something from Blambot, but it gives me at least some feeling of achievement to […]

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The pot smoke seeping into the house is worse than usual this week, and I think that might account for my hyper-depression on top of the regular thing. We’ve even caught sight of one of the neighbors back in between the houses puffing away. I have no idea how it gets so thick in here, […]

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New addition to the family


The other day, a man came out to talk to us about some volunteer work. A local church is organizing help for disadvantaged folks in the neighborhood, and we were nominated. I’m both grateful and a bit embarrassed, but that’s another story. When we went around back to look over the yard, I found an […]

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The schedule

Setting a schedule is difficult. Right now I’m feeling incredibly depressed–almost hollow, inside–to the extent that I’m finding it difficult just to write this small update. As I outlined in an earlier post, years of working toward disability assistance have gone down the drain. Between my back and other problems, Social Security has allowed that […]

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Under construction, as they say

We’ve been converting to WordPress, Comic Easel, and a new template, so pardon le dust. The site’s largely incomplete and there are a few oddities (like the enormous magnification of a badly aliased JPG on the ‘about’ page). I’m working on the new comics right now, so I’ll just fix the persnickety web stuff as we go along, ‘kay?

The con art of journalism


(Appended with a follow-up, bottomwards) This story making the rounds says more about journalism than fine art, as much as I’d like to dump on fine art. The CBC posted an item about a woman who creates “invisible art”, with a headline that implies that art connoisseurs are paying millions of dollars for her work. […]

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Sailor beware

“I ain’t hit a man for five years,” ‘e ses, still dancing up and down— “fighting’s sinful except in a good cause—but afore I got a new ‘art, Ginger, I’d lick three men like you afore breakfast, just to git up a appetite.”

“Look, ‘ere,” ses Ginger; “you’re an old man and I don’t want to ‘urt you; tell us where our money is, our ‘ard-earned money, and I won’t lay a finger on you.”

“I’m taking care of it for you,” ses the old man.

Ginger Dick gave a howl and rushed at him, and the next moment Isaac’s fist shot out and give ‘im a drive that sent ‘im spinning across the room until ‘e fell in a heap in the fireplace. It was like a kick from a ‘orse, and Peter looked very serious as ‘e picked ‘im up and dusted ‘im down.

“You should keep your eye on ‘is fist,” he ses, sharply.

It was a silly thing to say, seeing that that was just wot ‘ad ‘appened, and Ginger told ‘im wot ‘e’d do for ‘im when ‘e’d finished with Isaac. He went at the old man agin, but ‘e never ‘ad a chance, and in about three minutes ‘e was very glad to let Peter ‘elp ‘im into bed.

“It’s your turn to fight him now, Peter,” he ses. “Just move this piller so as I can see.”

–from The Money Box, by W.W. Jacobs, 1909, source for the plot of Laurel and Hardy’s Our Relations.